Vintage Bouquet of Violets Brooch - Diamonds, Amethyst, Enamel
  • Material: Amethyst, Diamonds approx. 0.25/0.30 cts, Enamel, 18k gold marked, makers mark.
  • Size:  2 2/8" at the highest point by 1 6/8" at the widest point.
  • Weight: 23.8 grams. 
  • Date and Origin: Circa 1940/1950 Germany.
  • Conditions: Immaculate.
This Violet brooch is really outstanding, a more than wonderful brooch in a shape of a romantic and sweet bouquet of violets,  entirely handmade. Violets are made of amethyst with  diamonds in each one. The leaves have shiny edges and both are made of enamelled gold. These kind of brooches have often leaves made of Jade, instead this one, and this is unusual, has enamelled leaves. The green enamel has been not smoothly spread on the gold just to give the impression of real leaves, as you can clearly see from the pictures.  A romantic bow with  closes the bouquet. I love these kind of brooches and have handled many of them but I really have to say that this one is the second best one which I have ever had. The diamonds in the violets center are big and so sparkling. This is an absolutely gorgeous, wonderful, unique and rare brooch. The diamonds have been checked and they are Top Wesselton G color (The highest diamond color grade is D so the color of these diamonds is just a step below the perfection) and they are IF, Internally Flawless, they are pure.  This brooch is wonderfully worked as only in the past goldsmiths were able to do. This is something of sweetest. A real bouquet made of real gemstones and gold. It looks beautiful when worn and will be surely noticed.  This brooch is not to be missed, the pictures speak by themselves. These kind of brooches are hard to find as they were made only here in Europe the most in Austria and Germany. When I'm lucky to find a lovely one I take it immediately. This is another wonderful piece. A very desirable collectors piece.