Victorian Cameo of an Angel
  • Material: Sardonyx Shell, 18k gold tested, black enamel.
  • Size: 2 1/8" by 1 6/8" only cameo is 1 6/8" by 1 3/8".
  • Date and Origin: Circa 1850 Italy.
  • Conditions: Immaculate, some slightest natural shell line, not visible by naked eye, only visible when cameo is backlit.
A fantastic Museum Quality cameo depicting the Annunciation's Angel or the Adoration Angel. I can't be sure because both Angels, the Annunciation and the Adoration one are often depicted with both arms crossed or with a lifted up finger. Rare subject masterly carved, look at the pictures, you can even see his eye's pupil. His face, so sweet, is superbly rendered as his clothes and the wings, This is a lovely work of art,  very detailed cameo, carved by an artist. Carving is high relieved. Look at his curly hair, at his his wings.  Pictures speak by themselves and despite they are high quality ones they really don't give any justice to this wonderful cameo. Rarest cameo and subject very desirable collectors' piece.