Coral Carved Roses Cameo Brooch Cased
  • Material:  Momo Coral (Cerasuolo), 14 k gold tested. 
  • Size:  2" by 1 3/8".
  • Date and origin: Circa 1880 Italy. Original fitted case.
  • Conditions:  Excellent. A natural coral fissuration which can be seen on back and which goes up to the petal of the first rose, please note that it is NOT a crack, (look at the picture with a the red circle) it is a natural fissuration of the stone which the carver incorporated in the carving, some natural coral spots.
This is a fantastic Museum Quality carved coral brooch in the shape of a bouquet of roses. The intricate perfect carving shows three roses and two blossoms surrounded by leaves. Brooch is carved on Momo Coral, called even Cerasuolo (in Italian) which means that this coral recalls the color of the cherries. The color of this piece was just teh right one to carved these wonderful roses and they seem just real. The conditions are perfect for a brooch that is almost 140 years old. The skill of the carved is evident in this brooch, just look at all teh roses petals and look then at the leaves, each one with scalloped edges just like the true leaves. A real beauty to wear and collect, a piece of history. This coral cameo is in its original fitted case and there is still the sticker with the jeweller name and address "Rocco Morabito - 32 S. Caterina a Chiaja - Napoli". The simple gold pin on the back is the ideal to show the brooch in its whole beauty. Another stunning piece brought here just for you.