Rare Cameo of Goddess Flora in a Saulini Case
  • Material:  Sardonyx Shell, 15k gold tested.
  • Size:   2 1/8" by 1 6/8".
  • Date and origin: Circa 1860 Italy. Saulini Roma signed case, possibly associated. Case has some scuffs.
  • Conditions:   Excellent. A few slight natural shell lines not visible by naked eye, barely visible when cameo is backlit.

Museum Quality cameo depicting Goddess Flora. This is one is a more than finely and amazingly carved piece, look at how the roses and leaves are made. She also wear a garland of bellflowers around her shoulders and look at how finely it is carved, simply superb. Not always we find this subject wearing that garland too, the most common depicted Flora only wears flowers on her head so this one is enough unusual. Her face is more than pretty, she is really beautiful having classical facial traits, her nose is straight and long, her mouth full and sensual, her eyes well opened and expressive. The flowers stay softly on her curly hair and are magnificently carved. This cameo is what we can define a true work of art, look at the wonderful pictures and you'll perfectly understand why. The case is signed Saulini Roma but I don't think that it is the actual Flora case even if this cameo could have been carved by one of the Saulinis being it so fine. This is another stunning example of the art of carving of the past which can't be missed, the pictures speak by themselves, a must have for any collector of works of art.

A bit of History:

In Roman mythology, Flora was the goddess of flowers and the season of spring. She was a relatively minor figure in Roman mythology, as there were several more important fertility goddesses, but her association with the spring gave her particular importance at the coming of springtime. Her festival, the Floralia, was held in April or early May and symbolized the renewal of the cycle of life, marked with dancing, drinking, and flowers. Her Greek equivalent was Chloris. Flora was married to Favonius, the wind god.