• Material: Sardonyx Shell, 15k gold marked.
  • Size: 2 5/8" by 2 3/8" cameo itself is 2 2/8" by 2".
  • Date and Origin: Circa 1860 Italy.
  • Conditions: A few slightest and shortest natural shell lines, barely visible when cameo is backlit, not visible at all from the front. Gold is a bit tarnished on a few small areas. Mentioned for accuracy otherwise mint.

A fantastic Museum Quality cameo depicting Nyx, the Goddess of the Night holding her son Hypnos and Thanatos. This is a cameo of surpassing beauty, carved by an artist. Every detail is perfectly rendered making this cameo a real work of art.  Look how the carver used his great skill to carve even the tiniest details of this cameo. Her expression, her clothes, everything is so wonderfully rendered. This cameo just shows the love of a mother for her children and please look at the back of the child held by Nyx on her left arm, the soft back skin just lays on her arm like it was true. From this detail you can know how skilled the carver was. This is just like a sculpture finely carved and detailed, look again at her flowing robe, it is so well made that gives me the impression that I could take the edge of the robe and lift it up. Simply amazing. The frame is another work of art, solid gold marvellously worked, an imposing frame for a finely carved subject who really deserves it. A must have for any collector. 
A bit of history:

In Greek mythology, Nyx , (Nox in Roman translation) was the primordial goddess of the night. A shadowy figure, Night stood at or near the beginning of creation, and was the mother of personified such as Hypnos (Sleep) and Thanatos (Death). Her appearances in mythology are sparse, but reveal her as a figure of exceptional power.