Exceptional Coral and Diamonds Set
  • Materials: Bokè Coral, 18k gold marked, diamonds.
  • Sizes: Necklace, Total length first strand just over 20 7/8", total length second strand 22 1/8". Length includes the coral cabochon clasp which is 1 1/8" and excludes the closing gold tab which is 7/8". Ring top, coral cabochon and diamonds, is 1 5/32" by 7/8". Coral beads are 9.5/10 mm.  Diamonds weigh circa 3.00 carats. there are 54 diamonds, 28 on the ring and 26 on the necklace clasp. Each diamond is circa 0.18 carats. Diamonds color: G - F . Necklace weighs 157.70 grams,  ring weighs 12 grams.
  • Conditions: Mint.
  • Date and origin: Circa 1950, Italy.
This is a wonderful set made of Bokè coral and diamonds. Bokè coral is from Japan and it is the same family of the one called "Angel Skin", the quality of this set is almost angel skin. This set is really imposing, the double strands necklace has a clasp made with a huge coral cabochon framed with 26 bid diamonds, as you can see from the pictures the necklace can worn even leaving the clasp on the front or on one side, that is so beautiful that would be a pity to hide it behind the neck. The ring has the same shape of the necklace clasp, a huge coral cabochon mounted on a basket ring and surrounded by 28 big diamonds. This set is really spectacular and recalls the style of the 50's divas. There are 3 carats of big diamonds on this set and it is offered here at a fraction of its real value, absolutely to not to be missed.