Museum Quality Cameo of an Elf on Flowers
Material: Sardonyx Shell,  Gold at least 9k.
Size: 2" by just over 1 4/8"
Date and Origin: Circa 1870 Italy. Cameo is signed on the back Donadio, who is a famous cameo firm since 1855.
Conditions: Perfect.

Museum Quality cameo of a wonderful, rarest subject, an elf sitting on a flower playing pipes. I have never seen this subject before now but I could think that it could be a depiction of any scene from a Shakespeare play, like, perhaps, a Midsummer Night’s Dream. Mine is only an idea and of course I can’t be sure as I have never seen this subject before. This one is more than finely carved, each flower and leaf are so perfect and amazing. The cutting is clean and crisp, the shell is so polished and brilliant, incredible for a piece that is circa 130 years old. The carving is so white and make a wonderful contrast against the brown background. The littlest  elf playing pipes is sitting on a daisy and is superbly carved. The proportions are perfect.  All in this cameo is pure poetry and it appears that you really could pick the flowers and hold the little elf in your hand. Amazing, rarest cameo. A real collectors piece, do not miss it!