Cameo Jewel Box
  • Material : Gilt Bronze - Shell Cameos - Coral Cameos - Malachite
  • Size: 7 7/8" by 3 2/8"
  • Date and Origin: Circa 1850/1860 Italy.
  • Conditions: Excellent, only one cameo has a small crack.
This is a rarest find. A gilt bronze jewellery box, encrusted with cameos of museum quality and excellent quality. On the lid you can see in the center the portrait of Michelangelo, then we have the Vendors of Cupid, after a fresco found in a Roman era villa. The Villa of Arianna, so called for the large fresco with that mythological subject found in . The villa was excavated almost entirely between 1757 and 1762. That fresco of the vendors of Cupids was found in 1759. That Villa is just close to where I live, a few miles from my home. The other cameos is from another fresco found in the same period. Thorwaldsen made a bas relief in 1824 called "The ages of love" which includes the vendor of cupids and the other subject depicted on the first cameo on the box's lid. In 'The Ages of Love', Thorvaldsen shows how love (or a certain aspect of love) is first adored, then cherished, later treated with indifference, and finally lost, as age advances. Other mythological subjects on the fours sides as Hermes, Demeter, Flora, Cupid. The box is entirely hand made and engraved. The size is 7 7/8" by 3 2/8". Again we have malachite and coral cameos on the lid. All the cameo are in excellent condition, only the first one on the lid has a crack. This is a rarest piece from circa 1840. A prestigious piece that can be displayed in a cabinet, or can contain your fine jewels or cameos. A rarest piece not to be missed.