Beautiful Frolicking Cherubs Putti Scene
  • Material: Sardonyx Shell, 15k yellow tested.
  • Size: 2 6/8" by just over 2 3/8".
  • Date and Origin: Circa 1870 Italy.
  • Conditions: Perfect.
Museum Quality Sardonyx large shell cameo, the oval shell cameo elaborately carved with five frolicking putti around an urn with vine decoration, within a plain collet gold mount and outer undulating partly engraved.  This is fantastic cameo with lot of details. Pictures really don't give any justice to this cameo because they were hard to take being the carving so white and reflecting the light. Seen in person this piece is really breathtaking. Look at all the details shown in this scene and at how they are incredibly detailed. Frolicking putti were a lovely and popular subject in the Victorian era but this is the first time that I see this particular scene on a cameo. The carving is relieved and three dimensional. There are four happy putti in movement, one is flying holding a flower garland, another one on a stool helping the flying one to put the garland in the urn, another one is happily jumping and one is doing a somersault. The fifth one is sleeping, probably tired after all that fun. The beauty of this cameo is clearly visible and the scene is more than lovely, an outstanding cameo carved by a true artist. Not to be missed.  I repeat that the pictures really don’t show well the true beauty of this cameo. A very desirable collectors piece.