A real antique cameo is a real  piece of history to wear.

 A real artwork is forever. 

Special Note - Please read carefully.

Real museum quality Cameos do not fear of being shown,

judged and estimated.  


Dear Visitors,

        I apologize if, for every subject, I show many and large pictures (macro). Perhaps also too many!! To someone it can cause annoyance and seem boring, but this work is made in your interest. For honesty and respect for you, everything  which I write in the presentation and description of the piece, I try and I hope to be able to demonstrate it and to evidence it with the pictures.

Large pictures, (macro) can't lie, they evidence the beautiful particulars to see but also the defects that a serious dealer, absolutely does not have to try to hide.

The pictures represent the only serious and concrete way for giving real meaning to the written words.

With various angles-shot and variations of lights and shadows I try to put in evidence even the tiniest particular, the eventual imperfections and the beauty of the facial features, of the body, of hair, of the clothes, of the objects and animals in the cameo.

The face expression, the muscles of the face, of the neck, of the body, the right proportions then and the three-dimensionality of the piece, represent a true added value exclusively due to the skill, today lost, of great '800 masters carvers.

The beautiful is always beautiful.

It is not necessary to be expert in order to appreciate it, but having the opportunity, through the large (macro) pictures, to observe, to analyze and to estimate all those aspects above mentioned, it will be easy for you to value  if you are looking at a true museum quality piece, an artwork  or a low quality piece and eventually to better invest  your money.

Only in this way to your personal  pleasure  to own an unique and high quality piece, through the years, you'll be able to add the pleasure of a sure increment of value to your investment. For more information, please, read the pages in the "About Cameos" section of this site.

Thanks for your kind attention, Jenny.





A real antique cameo is a real  piece of history to wear.

 A real artwork is forever. 


Once in a Lifetime Goddess Flora by Luigi Rosi Sold

 Paris and Helen by Giovanni Noto New!

Rarest Hard Stone Cameo of Jesus on a Pectoral Gold Cross Sold

Rarest Bacchante Cameo from the Universal Exhibition London  1851 Cased  Sold

Rarest Large Cameo of the Goddess Pomona  Sold

Rare Cameo of  Goddess Flora in a Saulini Case Sold

Rarest Hard Stone Cameo of  Beatrice Cenci New!

Rarest  Front Face Bacchante Cameo Cased Sold

Rare  Coral Carved Roses Cameo  Brooch Cased Sold

Rare Cameo of  Our Lady (Madonna) New!

Rare Cameo of  Apollo on Chariot New!

Wonderful Cameo of  the Allegory of the Night New!

Rare Large Cameo of Zeus and Hera  New!

Rarest  Lava Cameo of Goddess Athena   New!

Rarest Cameo Scene of the Goddesses Venus and Diana New! 


Museum Quality Bacchante Cameo Sold

Rarest Cameo of the Triumph of Poseidon Sold

Rarest Cameo of Nike conducting the Horses of the Sun  New!

Vintage Bouquet of Violets Brooch - Diamonds, Amethyst, Enamel Sold

Rarest Cameo of Vesta  New!

Antique Gold and Rubies Necklace New!


   Rarest Victorian  Ivory Hand Brooch  New!

Rarest Cameo of Queen Elena of Italy Cased New!
Gorgeous Roberto Coin Gold and Diamonds Set New!


Lovely Cameo of a Bacchante  Sold

Rarest Cameo of the Cumaean Sibyl Sold

Bouquet of Violets Brooch  New!


Exceptional Coral and Diamonds Set - Necklace and Earrings New!

Antique Real Angel Skin Coral Necklace New!
Victorian Coral and Diamonds Pendant - Necklace New!



Bouquet of Violets Brooch  New!