Urania the Muse of Astronomy
  • Material: Hard Stone, Diamonds in old round brilliant cut approx. 2.30 carats, 18K gold tested
  • Size: just over 1 28/32" by 1 2/8" at the widest point including diamonds.
  • Date and Origin: Circa 1850/1860 Germany.
  • Conditions: A tiniest chip on the base where there are her feet, visible only with a strong loupe, invisible even trough the enlarged pictures, pin is a little bent, easily to straight, otherwise mint.
  • Original fitted box
Museum Quality  hard stone cameo depicting Urania the muse of Astronomy and Astrology. A very very rare subject in a cameo. She is portrayed with her symbol, a globe in her left hand, under her foot there could be a smallest turtle, symbol of silence. Look how the carver used the stone to evidence the details. The hard stone has a fantastic a light pink color. This is a three dimensional cameo and in really mint conditions for its age. There are six big diamonds to enhance the frame each one is approximately 0.35 carats. This is another added value to this stunning and rare cameo. One of most beautiful cameo I have ever seen, the pictures speak by themselves. This is another masterly carved cameo. A very desirable collectors piece, rare and museum quality cameo.

A bit of History:

In Greek mythology, Urania , which means "heavenly", was the muse of astronomy and astrology. She is usually depicted as having a globe in her left hand and a peg in the right, and her foot on a turtle, symbol of silence. She is able to foretell the future by the position of the stars. She is often associated with Universal Love and the Holy Spirit. She is dressed in a cloak embroidered with stars and keeps her eyes and attention focused on the Heavens. Those who are most concerned with philosophy and the heavens are dearest to her.