Shell Cameo Brooch of Apollo Belvedere

Material: Sardonyx Shell, 14 k gold tested. 

Size: 1 7/8" by 1 5/8" only cameo is 1 1/2" 1 2/8".

Date and Origin: Circa 1880 Italy.

Conditions: Some natural internal lines  which can be seen when cameo is backlit, gold frame is a bit tarnished.

Excellent quality cameo depicting Apollo Belvedere. Cameo is finely carved and the God Apollo is here depicted in all of his beauty. His facial traits are strong and masculine, he is really handsome. He wears a tunic which is finely carved. A real lovely carving for a small cameo. The frame is Etruscan revival style. The subject is called Apollo Belvedere - also called the Pythian Apollo -  is a celebrated marble sculpture from Classical Antiquity. It was rediscovered in central Italy in the late 15th century, during the Renaissance. The name Apollo Belvedere comes from the courtyard of the Belvedere in the Vatican, where once the statue had been placed. From the mid-18th century it was considered the greatest ancient sculpture by ardent neoclassicists, and for centuries epitomized ideals of aesthetic perfection for Europeans and westernized parts of the world. It is now found in the Gabinetto delle Maschere of the Pio-Clementine Museum of the Vatican Museums complex.