Rarest Three Dimensional Ivory Cameo of Flowers
  • Material: Ivory, Silver.
  • Size:2 1/2" by 2".
  • Date and Origin: France, probably Dieppe, circa 1850.
  • Conditions: Ivory carving is perfect, silver frame tarnished on the back.

This is more than Museum Quality cameo carved on ivory depicting flowers and fruits. The carving is three-dimensional and it is just like a bas relief. The large rose in the center is amazingly carved, we can then find a tulip, a daisy, a couple of other flowers and even a violet, which is one of the most loved flower of the Victorian era. There are also two apples. Every thing is intricately and amazingly carved, flowers, fruits and leaves make this carving a true sculpture. Dieppe, in France, was the most famous place for the working and carving of ivory and the carver who made this cameo was, with no doubt, a great master. Look at all the wonderful pictures of this cameo and you can see the real art. This is a rarest piece very hard to find and especially in these perfect condition. A rarest and wonderful brooch to wear or to collect. Another great find from me to you.   

Price: $ 3500.00