Rarest Museum Quality Cameo the Allegory of Spring
  • Material:  Sardonyx shell, 15k gold tested.
  • Size:  2 1/2" by 2".
  • Date and origin: Circa 1880 Italy.
  • Conditions:  Pristine, a few short slight natural shell lines, not visible by naked eye, visible when cameo is backlit.
This is a superb Museum Quality cameo depicting a rarest subject, the Allegory of the Spring, probably after a painting but I have not yet found the original subject. The cameo is scratch signed on the back and you can read "Spring" and then what would presumably be the carver signature but I can't recognize it. The scene is a mythological one showing Goddess Flora embracing Cupid. Her face has an enchanting sweetness that is really amazing. Her head crowned by a flowers garland and she's holding a small bouquet of flowers along a veil from her robe. Her flowing robe is wonderfully carved and she's wearing a bracelet on her arm that has the shape of a snake, simply stupendous. Flowers are flowing around both them. The plump Cupid is also masterly carved, his curly hair is beautiful, his round and smiling face and his body are so finely rendered that you feel that you really could pick that baby and embracing him, really amazing. He's holding his classical symbol, a bunch of arrows. The shell is very dark so the carving results to be very white and collectors know that darker shells were the best ones, today they are almost impossible to find. The frame is simple and elegant and the cameo can be also worn as a pendant. This is another superb and rarest cameo, for the joy of  any collector.