Rarest Hard Stone Cameo of Psyche -Cased
  • Material: Hard Stone, 18k tested, enamel, seed pearls.
  • Size:  Diameter 1 5/8" only cameo has a diameter of 6/8"
  • Date and origin: Circa 1880 Germany. Original fitted case.
  • Conditions: Immaculate.
Museum Quality cameo depicting Psyche, The Goddess of the Soul. This one is superbly carved and even if it is small all the details are crisply and finely made. As collectors know it is harder to make a fine carving on a small surface and for this reason this cameo has to be even more appreciated. The Goddess shows butterfly wings on her head, butterfly symbolizes the soul and is her own symbol. Her face is pretty and her hair curly, superbly carved. The hard stone color is beautiful, an intense peach color. The pictures really don't give any justice to the carving, this cameo is one of the ones which are difficult to photograph. A more than magnificent and amazing frame gives honour to the Goddess, ivy leaves intricately worked and pearls and an enamelled ribbon on the top of the cameo frame. Every leaf is completely handmade and each one is perfect.  An artwork around another one.  This cameo is in its original fitted case of Wilkes and Danger Jewellers in Bremen (Germany). 
A bit of history:
Young girl of extraordinary beauty, Psyche instigates the terrible jealousy of Venus, which orders to Eros to arouse in her the passion for a man of vile condition. The God however  falls in love with Psyche and conduct her in a fabulous palace where every night he goes to visit her under false semblances. Eros asks to the young one not to try to know his identity under  punishment of the abandonment. One night, nevertheless, Psyche, instigated by her malignant and envious sisters and armed with a knife,  draws near to the god making light with a lamp. This way, a drops of oil  strains from the oil lamp falling on the shoulder of Eros, which arouses him and, disappointed, he abandons the young girl . In the desperate search of the lost love Psyche reaches the palace of Venus. The Goddess, moved by the anger, submits the young girl to a series of tests, that Psyche succeeds in overcoming thanks to the help of some Gods. Eros meanwhile, suffering of nostalgia, goes to  search for the beloved one and found her, he asks the permission to marry her to Jupiter. The king of the Gods  orders therefore to Mercury to go to take Psyche and to conduct her on the Olympus among the immortal ones. The history of Eros and Psyche  fascinated particularly the Renaissance artists that represented her in all of her episodes in the decorations of  noble palaces