Rarest Cameo of Queen Marie de' Medici Signed by Zollner
  • Material: Hard Stone, gold
  • Size:
  • Date and Origin: 1920 Germany.
  • Conditions:

Rarest Hard stone Cameo depicting Queen Marie de' Medici, (French: Marie de Médicis, Italian: Maria de' Medici; 26 April 1575 – 3 July 1642) was Queen of France as the second wife of King Henry IV of France, of the House of Bourbon. She was a member of the wealthy and powerful  House of Medici. Following the assassination of her husband in 1610, which occurred the day after her coronation, she acted as regent for her son, King Louis XIII of France, until he came of age. She was noted for her ceaseless political intrigues at the French court and extensive artistic patronage. This cameo is really outstanding and three dimensional. The details of her dress are amazing, she is wearing a double strand necklace which comes out from a sumptous embroidery collar. A crown on her head and a beaded headband on her curly hair and other beads are suspended from it. Her face is pretty and fierce, just royal. This cameo is from 1920 and signed by the artist, the German Louis Zoellner, a master carver specializing in hard stone cameos. The signature reads" Marie de' Medici by Louis Zoellner 1920". Louis Zoellner (1852-1934) was reputed to be the last of the great cameo carver's of the United States. He emigrated from Germany in 1871 and his work was much sought-after by the rich and famous of New York. He was well known for carving fine cameos in sardonyx, jasper, moonstone and onyx. Some of his subjects were President Hayes and his wife (which can be found the The Metropolitan Museum of Art), Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, William Cullen Bryant, Edwin Booth, Commodore Vanderbilt, President Washington, President Lincoln and President Garfield. Some pieces would take him 3 to 5 years to complete. This cameo was hand carved from one piece of onyx. You can find an entire page from The Broocklyn Daily Eagle dated May 1, 1927 dedicated to his work  as last picture of this page.

Price: $ 4000.00