Lava Renaissance Scene Cameo
  • Material: Lava, 15k yellow gold, marked and tested as the gold hallmark is illegible.
  • Size: just over 2" by just over 1 6/8" , only cameo is just over 1 6/8" by 1 4/8" .
  • Date and Origin: Circa 1850 Italy.
  • Conditions: Excellent, just the frame is a bit bent in only one point, see pictures, on the top. Bale has been added later. Pin and clasp are replacements.
Highest Museum Quality cameo depicting a Renaissance scene. I have not yet identified it. This cameo is simply outstanding, please look at all the details shown in this scene and at how they are incredibly detailed. The scene shows a soldier wearing a tunic leaning on a wooden table with scattered wine vessels, his crested helmet laying at his feet, with a disrobing man in the background. The carving is relieved and three dimensional, it is just like a sculpture. Lava is easier to carve than shell and hard stone because it is softer and lava pieces to carve are always not thin so that carver can really make a sculpture of any subject. Just look at the details of the wooden table, it seems real wood. The pensive face of the soldier is exceptional as the clothes that he's wearing. The disrobing man in the background is not so deeply carved just to give the impression that he is not so close to the soldier. I really would be happy to know what the scene depicts but despite of my researches I have not yet found what it depicts. The key could be the disrobing man. If anyone knows what this scene depicts can email me. The beauty of this cameo really leaves me speechless. The skill of the carver can be clearly seen on this cameo which has a fantastic expressivity and an absolute, perfect beauty, an outstanding cameo carved by a true artist. Not to be missed.  The pictures really don’t show well the true beauty of this cameo. A very desirable collectors piece.