Lady With Amphora
  • Material: Cornelian Shell, 15K gold tested, blue enamel.
  •  Size: 2 2/8" by 2".
  •  Date and Origin: Circa 1870 Italy, frame is English.
  • Conditions: A few slight natural lines by origin, not cracks or incipient cracks, a tiniest chip on her cheek, and two tiniest imperfections,  one just close to her chin and another one of the right side of her nose, probably due to the work of the shell. As the tiniest chip as the imperfections are visible only with a loupe, not by naked eye,  mentioned for accuracy, otherwise mint.
Museum Quality and huge cameo depicting  an unusual subject, a Lady holding an amphora or pitcher. Another pitcher in on her right side along with an open book. This cameo is wonderfully carved, note the heads carved on the two pitchers, perfectly rendered. Her dress too is stunningly carved, you can see all the details, really amazing! She has feathers on her hat. I have not yet identified the subject but I'm almost sure it could be an allegory, pitchers and book and the staff or beat she's holding are surely symbols which drive me to think to an allegory.  Everything is so realistic,  this cameo seems just magnificent.  This is one of the most beautiful cameo I have ever seen, the pictures speak by themselves. The frame is spectacular too, so elaborate and wonderful with the blue enamel intact. This is another masterly carved cameo. A very desirable collectors piece, rare and museum quality cameo.