Goddess Flora
  • Goddess Flora
  • Material: Shell
  • Date and Origin: Cameo is French circa 1860/1870
  • Frame: Frame is English, not marked but tested as at least 15 kt gold.
  • Size: over 2.5" by 2 1/4"
  • Conditions: Shell isMint, the frame is a little bit dented on one side.

This is a cameo of surpassing beauty. Museum Quality cameo depicting the Goddess Flora.You can see a lightly draped tunic on which a perfect, elegant and haughty greek woman’s profile is imposing. The pretty movement of her hair is stopped by necklaces and flowers delicately chiselled by the master carver. The very important 15 kt gold frame maked precious by two large and living leaves and ornaments that remind an etruscan jewel, together with the unique carving, go to make of this cameo a real museum quality piece to collect and/or to wear for a personal pleasure. The shell is in perfect conditions with no stress lines or chips or cracks, the gold frame is a little bit dented on one side, the era of this cameo is Victorian, about 1860/1870, the size is over 2.5" by 2 1/4". A  very desiderable cameo for any collector. For further information on this rarest piece you can Email me following the links placed in every page, I'll be happy to answer to any question.