Cameo Set of Bacchus
  • Material: Sardonyx Shell, 15 k yellow, green and rose gold tested, turquoise beads.
  • Size: Brooch is 2" by 1 6/8 "  only cameo is 1 3/8 " by 1 1/8 ". Earrings  7/8" by 6/8" .
  • Date and Origin: Circa 1850 Italy, mounting is probably Scottish.
  • Conditions: Excellent, a few very slight natural internal lines, NO STRESS, only visible when cameo is backlit, not visible from the front or the back when looking at it by naked eye.
This cameo set has two types of carving, the brooch is Museum Quality and the earrings are good quality. However despite the quality carving difference this is fantastic set. Bacchus is depicted in front face and he's really handsome. The carving is very fine and magnificently made, you can see how his face is expressive. The great skill of the carver transformed a face carved on a stone in a human one. His eyes, his perfect nose, his perfect face oval. This brooch is really outstanding and rarest. Also look at the shade of color on the vine leaves, on the thyrsus and on his shoulders covered by something as a cloak.  The earrings instead depict two classical ladies and as already told above are of good quality. This set has a fantastic, outstanding gold frame on the brooch and on the earrings. There are three gold colors shades, yellow, green and rose, flowers set with turquoise beads are worked on the four cardinal points on the brooch and on the top and bottom on the earrings. There are thistles complete with their own leaves on the brooch and earrings frame, thistle is the symbol of Scotland and this drive me think that the frame could be Scottish. However the frames are spectacular, rich and elaborate. Really outstanding, never seen a similar frame before. This is another stunning cameo set, to be collected.